Property Management Companies Should Consider Virtual Tours


Property management companies are faced with a complex process of asset management (financial health of the property), property management (physical health of the property), and relationship management (the tenants of the property). On top of all that responsibility lies marketing the property when there are new openings. If there is not a lot of visual representation about the properties being leased, then there will be a lot of unanswered questions about the unit. This can lead to phone calls and emails with lots of redundant questions … questions that could be answered if the potential client “could just see the apartment”. That is where Bay Area VR comes in.

By utilizing high resolution 360 degree tours and still photography, property management companies can give a comprehensive visual overview of the property being listed, which will lead to well informed potential clients. It takes a lot of time to drive across town, wait for a client, open up the unit … only to find that they dislike it. Why not have real qualified or informed leads instead? Wouldn’t that be a better use of one’s time?

Landmark Realty of San Francisco recently contracted Bay Area VR to help market their properties with high resolution virtual tours and still photography for the launch of their new site. Landmark Realty was established in 1973 in San Francisco and manages over thirty buildings throughout the Bay Area. The management team shared that having 360 virtual tours has increased their efficiency, because their leads are more knowledgeable about the units prior to ever stepping foot in them … and it has helped the management lease the units because of the connection between the visual media on their site and the actual property being listed.

If you are a property management company, please call 877-998-8687 for a free quote. Isn’t it time that you spend your time more wisely?

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